The Summer I Learnt to Fly

The Summer I Learnt to Fly - Jasminka Petrović

Аутор: Јасминка Петровић
Илустратор: Добросав Боб Живковић
Преводилац: Наташа Срдић

Узраст: 10-11, 12-13

Формат: 14 x 21 cm
Број страна: 148 str.
Повез: meki povez, crnobelo
Писмо: latinica
Година издања: 2020
ISBN: 978-86-529-0855-4
Продајна шифра: LKNLE

The Summer I Learnt to Fly

Јасминка Петровић

Going to the sea side with her grandmother to visit another grandmother does not sound like the best summer vacation of all time to a 12 year old girl, Sophia – the protagonist of this novel.

Everything happens on an island in the Adriatic Sea – Hvar, where Sophia does not know anyone, and where you do not understand the local dialect or local customs, nor why your grandmother cries when she sees her sister. Although her summer seems to start like a complete disaster and the protagonist at first hides behind books and music and daydreaming hoping the time will pass quicker.

Gradually Sophia discovers that even such a small place can be full of stories and human destinies one can find in novels, that sometimes you can learn more from conversations with your grandmother and cousins that you barely know, than with your best friend. It can also happen that after you spend some time there you wish to come back to that place again.

*Roman "Leto kada sam naučila da letim" na engleskom jeziku

Категорије: Књиге на енглеском језику

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